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3 Steps in your Financial Journey

1. The first step will be to listen and learn about your family, your hopes and your dreams. We will also review your current financial documents, so be sure to bring the following items to your first appointment. Together, we will define your financial goals and set milestones with a realistic timeline.

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Brokerage statements
  • 401(k) statements
  • Work retirement plans
  • IRA statements
  • Annuity statements
  • Insurance policies
  • College 529 statements
  • Mortgage statements

2. The second step is to craft your complete personalized financial road map. With over 21 years of financial and insurance experience, Brown Financial Services Group, is highly capable of creating and executing your customized plan with the financial products that best address your situation. With your approval, we will implement your financial plan to get you started toward pursuing your goals.

3. Checking your Progress: Every three to six months after the initial funding of your investments, we will personally review your progress, benchmark the performance of your investment, and discuss any life changes that may require an adjustment of your plan.

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